Revolutionizing Design And Development With AI.
Specializing in AI-driven design and development, we harness cutting-edge technology to innovate and transform ideas into reality.
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Empowering Creativity
AI-driven Creativity Revolution
At Codia AI, we are pioneering the fusion of artificial intelligence with design and coding, transforming the way creative and development processes unfold. Our mission is to empower designers, developers, and businesses by automating and enhancing the creative workflow through advanced AI technologies.
AI Code
AI Design
Key Features
Discover the powerful features of our AI
AI-Powered Design Tools: From conceptualization to final design, our AI tools assist in creating visually stunning and practical designs with minimal human input.
AI-Powered Code Generation: Our AI's ability to convert designs into functional code drastically reduces development time and bridges the gap between designers and developers.
Customization and Flexibility: Each project is unique, and so are our solutions. Our AI adapts to your specific needs, ensuring personalized and effective results.
Key Technologies
Our Technologies
Whether you're looking to enhance your creative processes, streamline your development workflow, or explore the potential of AI in design and coding, we're here to empower your journey.
Visual AI
At the heart of our design automation lies our advanced Visual AI technology, capable of understanding and generating designs from textual or image inputs.
LLM (Large Language Models)
Our LLMs are the backbone of our text-to-design and code generation services, offering unparalleled accuracy and creativity.
Custom AI Models
We pride ourselves on our proprietary AI models specialized in coding and design, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI-driven creative fields.
AI Code: Design to Code
Convert Designs to Production-Ready Code in an Instant for Websites and Apps like humans
10X increase in efficiencyCodia figma Plugin can quickly convert figma design into high-quality usable code, increasing efficiency by 10 times and more.
Intelligent twin model, hit the bull's eyeBased on the intelligent analysis of the document structure and vision of the design, the dual engine ensures that the design can be better understood, Design drafts can be more accurately identified and converted, and has been well validated in tens of thousands of design drafts.
Beautiful code, Better understand like humansUsing self-tuning LLM and dual-engine recognition, the generated code is high-quality and ready for developers to use without many changes.
Multi-platform, full-stack copilotWe support all web platforms, mobile apps, and even the Flutter cross-platform framework, enabling you to become a full-stack front-end developer.
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AI Design: Empowering creativity beyond boundaries
From Text, Sketch, or Screenshot to Stunning Design: AI at Your Service.
Welcome to the future of design! Our AI Design service is your creative companion, capable of transforming your ideas into captivating visuals. Whether you have a concept in text, a hand-drawn sketch, or a screenshot, our AI can turn it into polished, professional design drafts. Experience the magic of effortless design with our innovative solution. Say goodbye to lengthy design processes and hello to stunning results, all thanks to the power of AI.
Your creativity, your control.
With AI-based visual recognition, your screenshots are identified more accurately than ever before, unleashing creativity beyond conventional formats and constraints.
Your style, your signature.
Tailor the Figma experience with advanced UI reconstruction and font recognition, aligning perfectly with your unique design perspective. Your vision, vividly realized.
Your work, your legacy.
With AI-powered conversion and strict privacy standards, our plugin not only elevates designs but also respects your data sovereignty. Your creations, enduring and yours.
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