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Convert Designs to Production-Ready Code within minutes for Web and App like humans
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How It Works
AI-enhanced, the latest technology is at your service
Discover the next generation of design to code conversion, where AI does the heavy lifting. Our platform transforms your designs into production-ready code for web and apps in minutes, not hours. Experience design to development workflow like never before. Our AI engine analyzes your design files, understanding layouts, elements, and styles. It then intelligently generates clean, maintainable code that mirrors human coding standards. From Figma to code: HTML, CSS, React, Vue, iOS, Android, Flutter, Tailwind, Web, Native, App.
Speed and Efficiency
Efficiency is life, From Design to Code in Minutes
Say goodbye to tedious manual coding. Our AI-powered solution reduces the design to development turnaround time drastically, allowing you to go from concept to production at unprecedented speeds. Keep your projects on track and under budget.
81.2% of frontend developers say converting Figma designs into webpages by hand takes over a day.
Accuracy and Reliability
Deeply compatible with Figma
You only need to focus on your design, we will take care of the other things, At this stage, we mainly support figma and, even images
Accuracy and Reliability
Human-like Precision, AI Speed
Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, our tool ensures that the generated code is not only fast but also accurate and reliable. It meticulously replicates your design's aesthetic and functional intentions, just like a seasoned developer would.
Compatibility and Flexibility
Multi-platform, full-stack copilot
We support all web platforms, mobile apps, and even the Flutter cross-platform framework, enabling you to become a full-stack front-end developer.
Compatibility and FlexibilityThe generated code is Production-Ready
Using trained LLM, smart structure analysis and vision recognition, the generated code is high-quality and ready for developers to use without many changes like humans.
Offload the busy work in 3 simple steps
#1Run the Codia AI Figma to Code plugin
#2Choose your platform and framework
#3Wait a minute, The code is ready for use
Let all the heavy work go away.
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