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Let us simplify yourdesign and creativity
Upload, Transform, Impress: Instantly Transform Screenshots into Stunning Editable Figma Designs with Ease!
Simplifying Design and Creativity
Upload, Transform, Impress
Revolutionize your design process with our Figma plugin, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and innovation in transforming screenshots into editable UI designs.
One-Click TransformationExperience the convenience of transforming screenshots into editable UI designs with just a single click. This feature simplifies the design process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
One-click feature transforms screenshots into editable UI designs efficiently
AI-Powered AssistanceLeveraging advanced AI technology, the plugin enhances image quality, accurately recognizes design elements, and optimizes them for UI purposes. This AI assistance ensures high precision and quality in the conversion process.
AI-powered plugin enhances images and optimizes UI design elements
Support for Various UI InterfacesThe plugin is versatile, supporting a wide range of UI interfaces. Whether it's a complex web page or a simple mobile app interface, the tool is capable of handling different styles and layouts, providing flexibility in design work. 
The plugin supports diverse UI interfaces for flexible web and mobile design
AI Code Generation ReadyNot only does the plugin transform and enhance designs, but it also prepares them for AI code generation. This means the designs are not only visually appealing but are also structured in a way that facilitates easy transition to development stages, streamlining the workflow from design to code. Learn more
The plugin enhances designs and prepares them for streamlined AI code generation
AI-Powered Efficiency
Efficiency is life, From Screenshot to Figma Design in Minutes
At Codia, we believe in making the complex simple. Our mission is to streamline your design process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: bringing your creative visions to life. "Let us simplify your design and creativity" isn't just a slogan; it's our promise to you.
According to statistics, 86.5% of designers often need to spend at least one day or more to design a complete page.
AI-Powered Efficiency
Simplify, Innovate, Protect.
Unleash the full potential of your designs with our AI-powered Figma plugin, where precision meets innovation in every transformation.
Simplify Transform
Streamline your design process with one-click screenshot transformations, making complex UI design tasks effortlessly simple.
Endless Innovation
Harness the power of AI to bring cutting-edge innovation to your UI designs, elevating both functionality and aesthetics.
Strict Privacy Protection
Your privacy is our top priority. We do not use your designs for training without your verbal consent, and our practices are fully compatible with OpenAI’s privacy terms.
AI-Powered Precision
Smart Recognition with AI
Codia's proprietary AI, trained on extensive high-quality datasets, ensures intelligent and precise identification. Trust in smarter, more accurate design transformations.
Codia's AI ensures precise, smart recognition for accurate design transformations
AI-Powered Precision
Organized Design Elements
Generated designs feature a clear element tree structure, simplifying further editing and customization. Elevate your design workflow with structured clarity.
Codia's AI streamlines design with clear, organized elements for easier editing
AI-Powered Precision
Text Recognition and Semantic Processing
Codia AI's precise OCR technology identifies text within screenshots, integrating semantic processing in Figma designs for meaningful text representation.
Codia AI enhances Figma designs with precise OCR and semantic text processing
AI-Powered Precision
Advanced Image Recognition
Advanced image preprocessing to meet diverse design requirements.
High-Resolution SupportEmbrace the clarity of 4K images, with an eye towards the future upgrade to 8K. Ensure your designs are sharp and impactful, no matter the resolution.
Transparency HandlingHandle images with transparency with ease, offering more flexibility in your designs. Codia AI ensures your designs can adapt to varied visual requirements.
Multi-Format CompatibilityWith current support for JPG/PNG and future plans for WebP and more, Codia AI is equipped to handle a wide range of image formats for your convenience.
Complex Image HandlingNo matter the complexity of the image, Codia AI processes it efficiently, extracting background colors for pure-color backgrounds, ensuring versatility in design adaptation.
Codia AI Design: Screenshot to Editable Figma
Codia AI Design: Screenshot to Editable Figma
Amplify Design Potential, Expand Creative Horizons
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The One-Click Transformation feature allows you to upload a screenshot of an app or website, and our tool instantly converts it into a fully editable Figma UI design. This process is automated and requires just one simple action from your end - uploading the screenshot.
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