AI-Powered UI Design Generator for Website, Landing Page, BlogTurn concepts into fully responsive UI designs in Figma in no time.
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Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with Codia, your ultimate tool for designing website UIs in Figma. Transform your ideas into a fully functional, responsive website design within minutes. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek landing page, an engaging blog, or a comprehensive website, this tool makes it happen with just one prompt.
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Prompt-Powered Creation

Jumpstart your design process with just a prompt using the AI-Powered UI Design Generator. Whether it's a rough sketch or a detailed description of your envisioned website, this powerful AI effortlessly interprets your ideas to generate content-rich, aesthetically pleasing web page designs.
E-commerce WebsiteDesign a vibrant and user-friendly e-commerce website showcasing a variety of products. The layout should be colorful and engaging, with clear product categories, a search bar, and promotional banners. Include images of popular products in electronics, fashion, and home goods.
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Generate Figma Design on Prompt
Codia's AI UI Design Generator integrated with Figma, featuring customizable blocks, themes, and support for light and dark modes.

Figma-Integrated Design System

Harmonize with Figma's standardized design system, offering over 200 customizable blocks and elements, multiple built-in themes, and the continuous addition of new assets. With support for light and dark modes, your design adapts seamlessly to any style preference, showcasing the flexibility and efficiency of the AI-Powered UI Design Generator.
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Responsive Design Ready

Embrace flexibility with comprehensive responsive design support for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. This assistance, leveraging advanced AI technology, ensures your designs translate beautifully across all devices, making responsive adaptation a breeze. This intelligent design solution optimizes layouts effortlessly, showcasing its capability to adapt and perform across different platforms.
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Codia's AI UI Design Generator enabling responsive design across desktop devices
Codia's AI UI Design Generator enabling responsive design across tablet devices
Codia's AI UI Design Generator enabling responsive design across mobile devices
Codia's AI UI Design Generator offering advanced palette and theme capabilities for personalized design systems

Advanced Palette and Theme Capabilities

Doesn't just design; it stylizes. Utilizing advanced palette and theme options, it allows you to create a personalized design system that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and aesthetic preferences.
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Enhance AI-generated designs with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Refine layouts, edit elements directly within Figma, and tailor the design to your exact needs without the learning curve.Drag-and-Drop Optimization
Codia's AI UI Design Generator features a CTA (Call to Action) module for personalized design systems
Codia's AI UI Design Generator offers a features module for personalized design systems
Codia's AI UI Design Generator provides a testimonials module for personalized design systems
Codia's AI UI Design Generator includes an e-commerce module fo personalized design systems
What Our Users Say
Emily RobertsUI Designer
Codia AI has completely transformed the way I approach web design. Its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities allow me to create stunning designs in a fraction of the time it used to take.
Michael JohnsonFreelance Developer
I was skeptical about using AI for design, but Codia AI Design proved me wrong. The responsive designs it generates are impressive and highly customizable.
Sofia ChenTech Blogger
As someone who writes about tech, I'm always on the lookout for innovative tools. Codia AI Design stands out for its ease of use and the quality of designs it produces. Highly recommended!
Liam SmithStartup Founder
Launching our website was a breeze with Codia AI Design. Its drag-and-drop functionality and vast library of elements made it possible to go from concept to launch in no time.
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Absolutely! This tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of design and development tools, including Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, ensuring a smooth workflow transition.
Codia's AI UI Design Generator
Codia's AI UI Design Generator
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