About US
Codia is a cutting-edge AI company backed by a formidable AI team and top-tier engineering research and development squad. Committed to leveraging AI to enhance the entire development process, Codia's initial focus is on AI-assisted design, embarking on a mission to transition from design to code. Drawing parallels to platforms like Figma, which accelerates product design for teams, Codia seeks to revolutionize how we envision the nexus of design and coding through the power of artificial intelligence.
Our vision is to drive the application of artificial intelligence in the field of software development, creating a more efficient, innovative, and intelligent development process. By combining a formidable AI team with top-tier engineering research and development, we are committed to leading the transformation at the intersection of design and coding through the power of AI. We believe that through the use of artificial intelligence, we can redefine the relationship between design and code, making it more collaborative and efficient, enabling developers to rapidly transform creativity into reality and create exceptional digital products and solutions.
Codia's mission is to provide tools and platforms that seamlessly integrate the design and coding process with artificial intelligence at its core, automating the transition from design to code. We aim to use technological innovation to enable designers and developers to collaborate more closely, reduce redundancy, lower error rates, and, as a result, save time and resources. By offering tools similar to Figma but with a focus on the intersection of design and coding, we are committed to providing teams with a more efficient and innovative product design and development experience, allowing them to quickly deliver high-quality digital products, meet customer needs, and push the forefront of digital innovation. Our mission is to achieve seamless integration between design and code through AI technology, pushing the development process to new heights, and improving the quality and efficiency of the entire development ecosystem.
Our Team
Codia is powered by a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals at the forefront of artificial intelligence and software development. Our team is a formidable combination of AI experts and top-tier engineers with a shared passion for revolutionizing the way design and coding intersect.

Codia's AI team comprises visionary researchers and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what AI can accomplish in the realm of software development. Their expertise is integral to our mission of automating the transition from design to code and creating a more efficient development process.

On the engineering front, our team is a squad of experts who are committed to turning our AI-driven ideas into reality. They possess the technical prowess to develop cutting-edge tools and platforms that seamlessly integrate design and code, making our vision of AI-assisted design a tangible reality.

Together, the Codia team is united in its pursuit of leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the entire development process, accelerating the creation of innovative digital products and solutions. We are driven by the shared goal of making the development process more collaborative, efficient, and intelligent, ultimately reshaping how design and coding converge in the digital landscape.