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Setup Android Development Environment

1. Download Android Studio

Open the web page Android Studio, click to download Android Studio.

Click to Download Android Studio

Select I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions. Then click to download Android Studio.

Agree And Download Android Studio

The browser is downloading, please wait for the download to complete.

Android Studio Download Progress

2. Install Android Studio

Find the downloaded dmg file in the Downloads folder.

Android Studio in Finder

Double-click the downloaded dmg file and drag Android Studio to Applications.

Drag Android Studio to Applications

Find the Android Studio application in the Applications directory. Double-click to open it.

Double Click to Open Android Studio

The system will pop up a confirmation window to confirm opening. Confirm to open.

Trust And Open Android Studio

3. Install SDK

When opening Android Studio for the first time, AS will run the Android Studio Setup Wizard.

Android Studio Setup Wizard Start

Generally, keep Next and finally click Finish.

Android Studio Setup Wizard Finish

Next, the data will be downloaded from the network, please wait a moment.

Downloading Components

If you have a good internet connection, it will be downloaded quickly.

Finish SDK Download

Click Finish to complete the SDK installation.

4. Create A Demo and Run

After downloading the SDK, reopen Android Studio, and this welcome page will appear.

Android Studio Welcome

Click New Project and choose the simplest traditional layout Empty Views Activity.

New Project

Just keep the project configuration as default.

Android Project Config

Then the source code will be opened and displayed. We wait for gradle to be downloaded and the Android project to be loaded.

Download gradle

This step of Sync may take a long time, so please wait a moment.

Android Project Sync

You may encounter gradle timeout, click Try Again to try again.

Gradle Sync Again

After Sync is completed, click Run app to run it in the simulator.

Run app

5. Advanced

5.1 AndroidDevTools

From this website, you can find a list of Android Studio downloads. Includes Installers and Zip, as well as various platforms.

Android Studio list

5.2 Android SDK Manager

If you need to manage Android SDK, such as installing new SDK Platforms and SDK Tools, you can configure it by opening Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> Android SDK.

Android SDK Manager

For older versions of Android Studio, it is not configured here. Instead, configure it in Settings -> Appearance & Behavior -> Android SDK.

Android Studio Old Version SDK Manager