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Support: Your feedback is extremely important to us

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Every user of Codia is extremely important to us. We value each of your issues and welcome you to contact us. Let's discuss technology together, explore how to make Codia better, and how to better meet your needs. We offer several contact options, you can freely choose the one that suits you best.

Real-time communication

You can reach us for most of the week; we're available on Slack to serve you. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us at any time. We warmly welcome you to join our community.

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Regarding the latest information about Codia AI, we will promptly post updates on X. We also frequently interact with everyone on X regarding technology. Follow us for more.


We check our service email daily and have resolved many user issues via email. Feel free to email us; although it may not be as immediate, we welcome your messages.

[email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can ChatGPT solve all problems related to UI code generation, and does it produce accurate and stable UI code?

A: ChatGPT possesses capabilities in generating UI code, but it is not equipped to resolve all challenges associated with UI code generation. It can generate basic UI code elements such as HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, based on provided instructions or descriptions. However, the accuracy and suitability of ChatGPT's output may not be consistent across all scenarios. Its performance is contingent on the clarity and specificity of the instructions provided. In more complex projects, manual coding and professional development experience are often essential. Additionally, the code produced may require further adjustments and optimization to meet specific standards of performance, accessibility, and responsive design.

Q: What is the difference between your code conversion service and Figma's, considering Figma only offers very basic code generation capabilities?

A: Unlike Figma, which primarily provides simple code generation suitable for obtaining basic code snippets, our service can generate fully functional code, supporting both web and application platforms. Leveraging AI technology, our system ensures the generated code is immediately usable. Figma’s tool is limited in scope and strength, mainly serving as an aid for basic code structure. In contrast, our service aims to deliver comprehensive, ready-to-implement code, significantly enhancing the development workflow from design to production.

Q: You mentioned that you are "different from before" and fundamentally different from many current code conversion services. What are the main aspects of this difference?

A: Our service's distinctiveness primarily lies in its robust AI capabilities. We employ multiple AI models to ensure high-quality code generation that is directly usable in production. The process is remarkably stable, and the code faithfully reproduces the intended design. The key features include:


  • Perfect Design Fidelity: We achieve 100% accuracy in translating designs into code.
  • Responsive Layouts: Our AI ensures full-platform responsiveness, eschewing absolute positioning for more flexible layouts.
  • Developer-Friendly Naming: Intelligent variable and function naming enhance code readability and maintainability.
  • Vision Engine Proficiency: Advanced visual analysis allows our system to understand the actual document tree structure, ensuring more accurate code structure.
  • Layer Intelligence: Our service intelligently recognizes and merges layers, resulting in cleaner, more efficient code output.

Q: Do I need to specifically tag, name layers, or use auto-layout in Figma for your service to work effectively?

A: No, there is no requirement to tag, name, or group design elements in a specific manner or use auto-layout in Figma for our service. Our system is trained to generate code based on how a design would appear to a developer, interpreting the visual and structural elements as they are. This capability allows for a seamless transition from design to code, regardless of how the elements are organized or named in the design tool.

Q: I tried your service, but some of the generated code doesn't seem right. What should I do now?

A: We are currently in the beta phase and are continuously working to improve the accuracy of our code generation. Similar to how ChatGPT cannot accurately answer all questions, there are instances where our code may not be perfect. However, we highly value your feedback and are more than willing to work towards resolving any issues you encounter. We greatly appreciate your input on any problems or suggestions for improvements. Your feedback is crucial for us to enhance our service and ensure it meets your needs effectively.

Q: What capabilities do you plan to support in the future?

A: We are committed to continually enhancing the quality of the code we generate to ensure it is directly usable in professional settings. Future updates will include support for popular UI components in the web frontend industry, as well as our own unique UI components. For cross-platform development, we will offer support for frameworks like React Native. On the Android side, we plan to integrate with Jetpack Compose, among other technologies. Additionally, we are developing more powerful and user-friendly features that will be available down the line. Our goal is to keep expanding our service to meet the evolving needs of developers and designers.

Q: Currently, your services are free. When do you plan to start charging?

A: Since we are in the Beta phase, all services are currently offered free of charge. However, considering the costs associated with server and GPU maintenance, we will eventually need to introduce a pricing model to ensure the sustainable and stable provision of our code generation services. Despite this, we plan to retain a free usage tier for our users. We appreciate your trust and support and aim to continue delivering valuable services while balancing the operational costs.

Q: How do we keep your account and projects secure?

A: We prioritize your privacy and security. To ensure this, we do not store any content related to your designs. We adhere to all of Google's privacy protocols. Additionally, every piece of code you generate through our service can be manually deleted immediately by the user, ensuring no unwanted data retention. We also place a strong emphasis on infrastructure security to protect against unauthorized access and threats, thereby safeguarding your account and projects at all times. Our commitment to security is an integral part of our service.