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Setup iOS Development Environment

1. Preliminaries

You must use a device running macOS to follow this guide.

2. Download Xcode

  • Go to the website XCode
  • Click Download, and then click XCode 15Download XCode 15 Then you will redirect to the AppStore.
  • Go to the App Store and click the red rect area below.
    Appstore XCode 15 This will start downloading xcodes.

3. Open Xcode And Create A Demo

  • After download the XCode, click the XCode icon to Open it.
  • Create a New Project... to test
  • Choose iOS->App template, and click next

you will see iOS 17.2 Not installed, ignore it and we will solve it later.

  • Set your project name, others keep default value, click next
  • Now you will see the source code of demo XCode demoiOS 17.2 Not Installed appears again, and we will solve it now.

4. Download Simulator Runtime

  • Why need download Simulator Runtime
    Starting from XCode 15, XCode and Simulator Runtime are downloaded separately, so in order to run the demo on simulator, you also need to download Simulator Runtime. This is also the reason why iOS 17.2 Not Installed is prompted above.

  • Click Get to download the Simulator.
    simulator download

5. Run the Demo

After download Simulator Runtime, let's run the demo

  • Click Run button, and the demo wil run on simulator simulator download

Congratulations, your iOS development environment is now successfully configured.

6. Advanced

6.1. Pod

  • What is Pod?
    CocoaPods is a library management tool for developing iOS projects. It has over 55,000 libraries and is used in over 3 million applications. CocoaPods can help us import third-party open source libraries conveniently.
    In Codia Demos, we also use third-party libraries, So you need to install Pod.
  • How to Install Pod?
    brew install cocoapods
    open a terminal, and enter the above command , Press Enter to execute it. You will have cocoapods installed.
    If you don't know brew, please follow here to install it.
  • How to Use Pod?
    pod install will install the dependencies in your project. After installing it, open the xcworkspace file.

6.2. XcodesApp

The easiest way to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode.

With XcodesApp, you can download and switch to Xcode easily.

6.3. speedwagon

Sometimes you may encounter that the download fails due to network or other reasons. At this time, you can try speedwagon.

A very simple CLI tool for downloading Apple's Xcode simulator runtimes without needing a copy of Xcode, or a Mac.

  • Install speedwagon
    brew install timsutton/formulae/speedwagon.
    If you don't know brew, please follow here to install it.
  • Look up Runtimes
    speedwagon list
  • Download Runtimes
    speedwagon download 'iOS 17.2 Simulator Runtime'

Installing Xcode and Simulators

Installing and managing Simulator runtimes